Online Marketing

Finding the right SEO options for your business in today’s world is no easy task. Everyone seems to be promising the world, we want to approach this situation differently. We cannot gaurentee you the #1 spot because it’s not a promise that anyone can make. What we can do is position your business for success, identify areas of opportunity and build additional organic traffic that will in return drive your online conversion.

Please, before you select this option request more information and a 1on1 consultation to better understand not only what you’re looking for but what we are able to provide. We don’t make promises we can’t keep and we don’t over-sell what we offer. Your customers want what they pay for and we refuse to offer ours any less.


  • Daily updates to top search engines with your updated sitemap.
    • We will notify Google, Bing & Yahoo of any changes to your site daily to allow for better and faster indexing of your pages.
    • If your site does not have a sitemap, we’ll build you one!
  • Daily/Weekly/Monthly Reporting of your traffic stats and an in-depth look at where your traffic is coming from.
    • Types of devices, Region, Operating Systems.
    • Time on page information and time spent viewing your website.
    • In depth page view statistics help you understand where people are spending the most time and where they are abandoning your page to help identify additional areas of opportunity.
    • Originating Keyword – Know how your viewers are finding you which can help you modify your site content to drive additional traffic.
  • In-Depth Page analysis to better understand opportunities for driving additional organic traffic.
  • Link-Back-Marketing: Identifying opportunity for additional sources to link your website to targeted keywords driving your credibility with search engines.
  • Banner Creation and placement to drive additional ad based revenue.
  • Custom graphic design if necessary for any social media or marketing outlets available at a reduced cost as a subscriber to SEO services.

$500/Month Recurring Subscription, cancel anytime*.

30-Day Cancelation Notice required for all billing cycles, no refunds.